central plaza #14-06  |  6 July 2024 |  9:00 am - 5:00 pm
We're thrilled to unveil an array of enticing bundles, carefully curated to combine the best of our digital and textile courses. Here's more information about our upcoming event!
Bundle 1Alteration
Bundle 2Alteration Specialist
Bundle 3Sewing
Bundle 4Livestream Bundle
Bundle 5SCTP Advanced Certificate
Bundle 6Advanced Diploma
Bundle 1

Alteration Artisan

Transform your passion for fashion into a career with our Alteraround Artisan bundle! This comprehensive course covers everything from personal shopping and social media marketing to advanced sewing and alteration techniques. Perfect for those looking to excel in fashion and retail. Join us to start your fashion business today!

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Bundle 2

Altering Specialist

Kickstart your journey into the world of fashion with our Alteration Specialist Bundle! This beginner-friendly program combines basic drafting and sewing, pinning for fit, fabric care, and alteration techniques. Ideal for those eager to learn the essentials of tailoring and garment care. Start your creative adventure in fashion alteration today!

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Bundle 3

Sewing Expert

Embrace your passion for sewing with our Sewing Expert Bundle! This tailored program progresses from basic drafting and sewing to creating stylish dresses and culottes. Perfect for those looking to enhance their sewing skills from foundational techniques to more intricate garment construction. Unleash your creativity and sew your way to expertise!

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Bundle 4

Livestream Bundle

Transform your digital retail skills with our Livestream Bundle! This comprehensive program covers the latest trends and tools, including videography with CapCut, mastering TikTok for content creation and livestreaming, and effective livestream commerce strategies. Ideal for those looking to excel in the digital retail landscape and captivate their audience. Join us to revolutionize your approach to online selling and engagement!

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